Monday, February 02, 2009

Now this is just ridiculous

From Politico, via the Saint Paul Pioneer Press:
Some in D.C. accuse Obama's style of disrespecting Office of the Presidency

Former Bush chief of staff Andy Card says Obama is treating the White House like a locker room. Obama isn't giving the Office of the Presidency the same respect as the Bushes and Ronald Reagan, Card alleged in an interview last week with conservative radio talker Michael Medved.

"I found that Ronald Reagan and both President Bushes treated the Oval Office with tremendous respect. They treated the Office of the Presidency with tremendous respect. And some of that respect was reflected in how they expected people to behave, how they expected them to dress when they walked into the symbol of freedom for the world, the Oval Office," said Card, who served under three presidents.

Looking at the website of the White House Museum, one gets a glimpse into the wonderful antiques in the White house, including the "Treaty Table," a magnificent Victorian desk originally used as a Cabinet meeting table by Ulysses Grant and commonly used today by presidents as a desk. At this table, William McKinley presided over the signing of the peace treaty with Spain in 1898, which ended the Spanish-American War:

How did George W. Bush treat the Treaty Table?

Yep, those are his feet. On the Treaty Table like it's some kind of footrest. Now Mr. Card, would you please shut up?

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