Saturday, February 28, 2009

A wake for a big Icelander

Yet another update: The video of the memorial can be found here.

Bill HolmFurther update: Spot knows that some people are checking back here periodically for the promised video. Sorry; it's not done, but Spot hopes to finish editing in a day or so. Hope it will be worth the wait.

Update: Thanks to all of you who came last night, and thanks especially to those who came to read. There will be a short video after it gets edited.

Note: We'll begin at around 6:30 tonight, rather than the usual 6:00 for DL. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

On Monday night, the second of March, there will be an informal wake (it will be the day after his funeral, but never mind) for Bill Holm, the ethnic Icelander Minnesotan who died last Wednesday at sixty five. Bill was known for a lot of things: his writing, teaching, love of music, and as a political essayist. We’ll start around six thirty; there’s really no formal program, but there will be an opportunity to read a few words of Bill’s that you especially admire.

And there will be opportunity to toast Bill’s memory and pledge that his name not be lost to memory. We’ll try to have some Icelandic vodka around.

Many of Bill’s admirers never had the chance to meet him; if you did, please come and share your recollections of Bill.

We’ll be at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis, the usual spot for Drinking Liberally.

The picture, incidentally, is from the McKnight Foundation and is posted in an obituary of Bill Holm on the MPR website.

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