Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ayn, what do you think of the documentary “Stop the Re-Route?”

Fresh, apparently, from a Shriners’ Convention:

Now, I don't care to discuss the alleged complaints American Indians have against this country. I believe, with good reason, the most unsympathetic Hollywood portrayal of Indians and what they did to the white man. They had no right to a country merely because they were born here and then acted like savages. The white man did not conquer this country. And you're a racist if you object, because it means you believe that certain men are entitled to something because of their race.  .  .  .  What were they fighting for, in opposing the white man on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence; for their "right" to keep part of the earth untouched--to keep everybody out so they could live like animals or cavemen. Any European who brought with him an element of civilization had the right to take over this continent, and it's great that some of them did. The racist Indians today--those who condemn America--do not respect individual rights.

Sigh. That’s about what Spot figured. Ayn is, of course, the darling of the Social Darwinist set.

Driftglass was just discussing this; a thump of the tail to him.

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