Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Gosh, Spotty, what was that?

Don’t be alarmed, grasshopper. That was just another liberal chest-thumping primate doing a Tarzan yell while getting ready to make sport of Captain Fishsticks and conservative economic theory. Apparently, you can hear this often of late.

[hysterical laughter] Sorry, Spotty, but it’s just so funny!

Yes, grasshopper, it is. You are excused for the outburst under the circumstances.

So, what’s Fishsticks’ problem, Spotty?

fishsticks Apparently, Fishsticks thinks that liberals are being so mean to the likes of Henry Hazlitt, Archduke Ludwig von Mises, and gasp, Captain Fishsticks himself because some people, after watching these drooling morons for eight years drive the economy into a ditch that will take years to get out of, suggest that there must be a better way. But according to Fishsticks:

Conservatives lose economic arguments, not because they are wrong, but because gorillas are cute.

You know, Sticks, that’s a hard argument to make these days, isn’t it? Actually, my fluttering little mylar balloon, the problem is that anything associated with “conservative” has such a big stink on it that the Republican Party of Minnesota is going to have to go back to calling itself the “Independent Republicans.”

Welcome to the wilderness, Sticks, where you and your brothers of the Bund are likely to stumble for generation. Spot hopes you like roasted scorpion.

The animated gif is from Tild.

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