Monday, March 30, 2009

“Transference” is the za word of za day

Ach, Liebschen, it is so good to zee you all. As you know, Siggy has been out of za country for a while. While he vas gone, ze issue of Sara Jane Olson and where she could server out her parole was debated endlessly by za wingers.Vy did ze do zis?

Za answer, to a great extent, is something ve call “transference.” Transference is wery common; you see it everyday. For example, za big brother and za little brother. Za big brother get balled out by Mama, and then za big brother takes it out on za little brother because he somehow tinks he is getting back at Mama. You even see it in za animal world. It’s wery, what’s za word? Ja, juvenile!

Do you mean, Dr. Siggy, zat, I mean that, right wingers subconsciously think Sara Jane Olson is their mother?

Ja, Herr Grasshopper, sometimes it is zat simple. You have to vunder vat kind of nuturing Mama some of zese clucks had! But more zan zis, there is another factor at vork.

It is important to transfer za hostility to a person who is unlikely to do the transferor, ve’ll call him, any harm. Zat’s why it is so much easier to pick on zomeone who is defenseless and harmless, as Sara Jane Olson is as zis point in her life. Like za little brother, she is unlikely to to hit back,  unlike za Mama, who might punish za big brother. Zo, it’s kind of a free shot.

But ve see transference at vork all za time in the right ving vorld. Poor people are to blame for za economic woes, sick people are to blame for za health care crisis, and za list goes on. If you are just za big bag of grievance and resentment, you must find zomeone to blame. If you don’t vent za gas, you explode!

Thanks, Dr. Siggy, that explains a lot!


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