Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I knew Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy was a friend of mine.

Really, Spot? You never told us that.

[No, not really, grasshopper, but work with me here, OK?]

And Amy Klobuchar, you’re no Ted Kennedy.

But here’s AKlo, keening for the loss of Ted Kennedy in today’s Strib:

"I had the privilege to serve with Ted Kennedy in the Senate for just two years. He was a mentor to so many of us just starting out, not in the traditional 'this is how you get it done' way, but instead as an inspiration.

Here’s what the Baltimore Sun said about Ted Kennedy today:

He called health reform the "cause of my life" during last year's Democratic National Convention, said it was a "defining issue for our society" years earlier, and throughout his recent illness continued to champion universal coverage while pushing Congress to act now on legislation.

Apparently, Ted Kennedy inspired AKlo to champion legislation to keep people from getting cooped up too long on airplanes.

Way to go, Amy. But here’s Amy on health care reform:

"I will tell you this," the senator said. "I'm open to a
competitive option. You need to put pressure on the insurance
companies. One way to do that [is allow the public to join] the
federal health care plan or one just like it. The government does
administer it, but it's a private plan. That's one way. And then
there's this co-op plan proposal [in the Senate]. That really hasn't
been formed yet. Those are some of the ideas. I want to make sure
whatever option we choose works for our state. Make sure it makes
it easier for small businesses and the self-employed."

Ted Kennedy will roll over in his grave, as soon as he has one. If Ted Kennedy was a liberal “lion,” AKlo is a housecat.

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