Monday, August 24, 2009

Klobuchar disappointment, part whatever

It was estimated that ten thousand Minnesotans took the time this weekend to call into Senator Klobuchar's telephonic town hall to hear her views on the health care reform proposals. In response to a question about the public option, the Senator had this to say:
"I will tell you this," the senator said. "I'm open to a
competitive option. You need to put pressure on the insurance
companies. One way to do that [is allow the public to join] the
federal health care plan or one just like it. The government does
administer it, but it's a private plan. That's one way. And then
there's this co-op plan proposal [in the Senate]. That really hasn't
been formed yet. Those are some of the ideas. I want to make sure
whatever option we choose works for our state. Make sure it makes
it easier for small businesses and the self-employed."

Got that?

I'm afraid that one of the most difficult and widespread problems Americans face has now been given what is becoming the Klobuchar treatment: A wishy-washy, unresponsive, cover-your-ass, hackneyed, and trite response that commits to nothing but ill defined platitudes.

Minnesotans deserve better than this.

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