Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staying infromed

Spot can’t even remember where he got this photo, but it’s from the teabagger rally on Saturday:

keep us infromed

Actually, now that I think about it; it was from Dependable Renegade.

Max Blumenthal, who appears to have miraculously avoided a beating once again, conducted some interviews at the same rally:

Here’s part of what William Rivers Pitt said about the entire squalid affair:

[Former Bush speechwriter] Frum was being nice [in remarks denouncing the rally], actually, because he knows better than anyone what took place in Washington this weekend. It was a Klan rally minus the bedsheets and torches. These people don't even have enough shame to hide their faces anymore. If more Republicans like Frum don't come forward to denounce such activities from their right flank, that right flank is going to finish the job of taking over the GOP, and hard as it is to believe, this kind of obnoxious craziness is going to seem quaint by comparison to what will be coming next.

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