Thursday, June 03, 2010

A few programming notes

331-panorama-grainy-b&w-wit First, tonight is Thursday (June 3rd), and we will have our regular Drinking Liberally meeting at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis, starting at six and ending whenever the last hardy crew members go home. The weather is lovely and we’ll undoubtedly be outside at the picnic tables. There may be a special DL announcement, too.

Second, Thomas Franks, author of What’s the Matter with Kansas and more recently The Wrecking Crew, will be Two Putt Tommy’s call-in guest on Quick on the Uptake on KTNF this afternoon at five. That’s AM 950 on your radio dial. Franks is one of the best observers of movement conservatism extant.

And lastly, probably because he couldn’t find anybody else willing to come on the radio after Franks, I’ll be on the show with Tommy tomorrow, five to six PM.

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