Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP Katherine Kersten

The world as we knew it has come to an end

It is Spot’s sad duty to report that Katherine Kersten has been sacked.mp_main_wide_say1116_Wilde

It sure seems that way, anyway. All of the posts on her blog at the Strib? Vanished. Any reference to her as a columnist there? Ditto.

Katie was last seen laying an enormous egg about two Sundays ago in a column that I commented on in a post entitled Lusting after the mitre and ermine.

In that column, Kersten entirely mischaracterized the writing of Professor Richard Flory of USC, and apparently did so based on plagiarizing from, perhaps inter alia, Fr. John Neuhaus, Marvin Olasky, and the Discovery Institute (at least that’s where the smart money is).

Professor Flory, in fact, wrote a comment to my post protesting what I had written; based on the fact that I had taken Kersten at her word, he was justified in being put out with ol’ Spot.  I had intended to write a follow up post and apologize to the professor, but now I’ll just combine it with this death notice.

Kersten may be gone, but it is going to take a while for the Strib to live her down.

A thump of the tail to MNO, who is the only crewmember here to notice the satisfying lifting of a weight from our shoulders.

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Just scrolled by this one looking for another post. The power of positive thinking: foiled again.