Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A new mic for Mike

Last night at the Groveland Tap, some of the volunteers and friends of The Uptake got together to mingle, but to recognize the efforts of some of the Uptakers over the last year, too.

mike-with-new-microhone Mike McIntee, one of the founders of The Uptake, and probably the best known Uptaker because of his work at the recent state political conventions and anchoring the Quick on the Uptake show on KTNF, got a special award, a beautiful retro-look microphone for his studio. If you watch the webcast of Quick on the Uptake this afternoon, you can probably see it. Listen and decide if it makes Mike sound better.

Mike did say that he was going to work on his James Brown. We’ll see.

Thanks to Mike and the rest of the crew (some of whose names I will forget if I try to list everyone) for all the stories, otherwise untold.

The photo of James Brown is from the blog Tennessee Guy.

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