Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Good Lord's stenographer

Come on, Pat, spill

God told Pat Robertson who will be elected president this fall. But Pat isn't saying who he was told that the winner would be, coy fellow that he is.

Pat did let it slip God told him that President Obama is a radical who will bring on America's economic collapse.

Pat's God has a mean streak all right. Pat believes that Hurricane Andrew was visited on Florida because it was too gay friendly, that September 11th was caused by, inter alia, the ACLU , feminists, abortionists, and the the gays and lesbians, that Hurricane Katrina was caused by abortionists, and that Katrina and September 11th could be related in some way. He also says that the earthquake in Haiti was God's punishment for Haiti making a pact with the devil.

How would you like to be this crackpot's co-host? We'll be back after these messages with a question: is it schizophrenia or just dementia that Pat suffers from? You'll want to stay tuned for that!

Thanks to Robert Ebert for the link.

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