Monday, January 30, 2012

Jim Crow gets a Facebook page

If you're on Facebook (and who isn't), you can find it here: We Want Voter ID. If you scroll through the "sky is falling" posts about voter fraud, you will see that the League of Women Voters of Minnesota is the object of the invective of several of the posters.

The League has produced a video about photo voter ID and the wholesale disenfranchisement that will result if it is implemented. It's been showing the video at League meetings around the state. And it has people like the posters at We Want Voter ID pretty exercised.

In advance of a meeting in Rush City last Saturday, the organizers received a harassing and expletive-filled phone call. It was disturbing enough that a representative of the ACLU attended the meeting as a monitor. Luckily -- or maybe as should be expected -- no harassers showed up.

The League's office also received an attempt to intimidate it about an upcoming event, where the video will be shown, by a swearing and belligerent caller, in a voice mail left at the League on Saturday night.

This all according to people at the League office.

Here's the video that has some people swearing. It's very good.

And callers, whoever you are; you ought to be ashamed. The League of Women Voters? You'd have to look a long time for a group more mainstream American than the League of Women Voters. In fact, you'd look in vain.

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