Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Nate Silver, you're good, but you're no Tony Angelo

I know Tony Angelo, Tony's a friend of mine. Tony is wizard with numbers.

Here's the rhetorical Tony yesterday:
Rick Santorum will win the Iowa Caucuses on Tuesday. 
But Tony, no poll has yet shown Santorum in the lead in Iowa and guru of election predictions Nate Silver, currently has him pegged at just a 21% chance to win, behind both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, why would you be predicting a Santorum win?
Tony goes on his is post to explain his prediction.

CBS caucus results tonight after 11:00 PM show Romney and Santorum in a dead heat for first place at 25% each, with Ron Paul trailing at 21. Not a clear win for Santorum, at least so far, but close enough for government work Congratulations, Tony.

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