Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Don't worry, Sticks!

First, it's Katie choking on her own bile. Now, it's Captain Fishsticks going all apoplectic on us over a meaningless campaign stunt by Governor Timmy:

This is one of those “I got to read it twice because I must be missing something” stories. Governor Pawlenty cannot possibly be this out of touch.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty laid out a proposal Tuesday to have the state pick up two years or more of college tuition for students who are in the top 25 percent of their graduating class or score above a certain level on a college entrance exam. The offer would apply to graduates who go to a public university in the state.
Let’s try it again real slow like -- the number one education problem in the state of Minnesota is not the affordability or lack of funds for college. The number one problem is a the large percentage of kids that graduate from public schools are not ready for college, especially children of color.
Sticks sounds as if he thinks Timmy is serious! And by the way Sticks, shouldn't that be I've got to read it twice . . . ? Then Sticks trots out the arithmetic that he is famous for and tells how many tykes could go to private school with that same money!

You have to give Sticks credit, he sticks (so to speak) to his private school rant through thick and thin. It doesn't matter what the problem is. Too much traffic congestion? Private schools. Second-hand smoke? Private schools. Civil war in Iraq? Private schools. As one of Spot's scholarly friends might say, Methinks he doth bark too much.

Sticks just wants to lay a deeper systemic, societal problem at the door or the public schools to try to justify killing them. He and Katie are alike in this. But in spite of all their babbling, private schools are an inferior way to educate children.

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