Friday, June 23, 2006

Senators, it's FUBAR

Spot has good news and bad news for Flash at Centrisity. The good news, Spot hopes, is that Censtrisity has been added to the blogroll on the right. The bad news is that Spot disagrees vociferously with Flash about a recent post of his.

Flash notes with approval that Minnesota’s two senators seem to agree about Iraq! Neither wants to set a timetable for withdrawal. Yeah, they are both completely clueless! Flash says we need to stay and finish what we started. That’s the kind of advice you give your third grader when she makes a mess with construction paper and paste and doesn’t want to finish her project for art class. Good advice in principle, but wholly inapplicable to the situation in Iraq.

The US needs to come to grips with the fact that we created the chaos in Iraq, and that it is not within our power to fix it. It is entirely FUBAR. Generations of Americans will have to live with the guilt of the mess we made in Iraq, and sacrificing thousands more of American’s youth on the altar of our guilt won’t change that. There was perhaps a window of opportunity in Iraq, but it closed years ago.

According to news reports on the radio, even the new Iraqi government wants us out.

But Spotty, what about the GWOT?

Ask yourself, grasshopper, has terrorism become less of a threat since we invaded Iraq? Or has it increased? You know the answer to that.

George Bush has made the biggest strategic blunder in American history, and now, Minnesota’s two senators are just enablers.

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