Wednesday, June 21, 2006

J. Ewingism

Where’s the outrage, and how do we channel it? asks Sticks. The answer of course, dear Sticks, is kill more ‘Raquis. That will surely do it! In a post today, Sticks echoes with approval the question of Mark Kennedy on the US House floor: where is the outrage over the death and mutilation of two US soldiers in Iraq?

And then, one of the powerful intellects, named J. Ewing, who comments at Sticks’ place says this:
I suggest that, as Rep. Kennedy suggests, we start by silencing those useless idiots who insist that there is some sort of moral equivalency between "us" and "them." They should be laughed off the public stage, criticized at every opportunity, and the media that give them prominence should be convinced that there are consequences, at least financial, for sedition.

This is undoubtedly some of intellectual superiority that the right brings to bear in the blogosphere that Sticks was talking about! Spot is so humbled; he just doesn’t know what to say! Well, actually he does.

The clown-like J. Ewing, whoever he is, is so full of hubris and American exceptionalism that he cannot fathom another point of view. Maybe it’s the defective empathy gene. J. Ewing is not a “useless idiot,” but rather a clueless idiot who serves to show us where self-absorption will get us.

The sooner we figure out that Iraq is not about us, or our “needs,” or the spread of “democracy” that we have such a loose grip on ourselves, the sooner we’ll start to make rational decisions about how to extricate ourselves from that tar pit. Luckily, J. Ewingism is losing adherents every day.

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