Friday, June 02, 2006

Spot's book report

About maybe 60 pounds of books were collected last night at Drinking Liberally. You would not believe the range of stuff that liberals read. Molly Ivins and George Packer and Al Franken sure (Spot's pretty sure there all in there, but the boxes are taped shut), but lots more, including some good fiction and a couple of books of essays by Mark Twain. Several copies of Rake magazine, and a box of books from the folks at Rake too. Did you know, boys and girls, there is a Rake magazine in the UK, too, but it is dedicated to gardening?

There were a lot of books from people's libraries, but some folks bought new "political" books to bring. Money was also contributed for the shipping cost.

The publisher of Lone Oak Press in Redwing is also sending a box of books, along with copies of some local southern Minnesota newspapers.

Spot did get everything boxed up today, but the boxes have to go the post office since they will be sent to an APO address (you military types can tell me if that is redundant, kinda like AC current). Apparently, the postal service centers around town can't do it. Anyway, this is the weekend of the annual bead and trinket exchange here in Cakeville, more formally known as the Edina Art Fair, so neither man nor beast can get within blocks of the post office. Spot will probably look for another PO tomorrow.

A very satisfying exercise all in all, and one that Spot hopes will help the Minnesota Guard know we are all thinking of them. Thanks everybody, and thanks Dave, for the idea and for passing things around.

Update: And Spot almost forgot! Special thanks to the Power Liberals, rew and smartie, who picked up what must have been a hellacious bar tab so that folks would contribute to the shipping costs.

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