Monday, March 31, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Wasn't that Jimmy Swaggert's line when he was caught in compromising behavior with hookers?

Yeah, and the bubbas bought it, Spotty.

Yes they did, grasshopper. Unlike, apparently, a jury in Colorado that convicted a man of rape of and theft from a woman hired to be his maid when the man claimed he was merely engaging in "traditional Muslim behavior."

Someone named Il Duce - clearly a person of munificent sentiment - at the odious snot rag,, wants to charge all liberals with complicity:

I have no doubt that rape and abuse are typical Muslim behavior, but do we really want to be tolerant of this shit? Are liberals really ready to sacrifice all of our laws at the temple of Multi-culturalism?

By the way, Il Duce, it should be altar of multi-culturalism: temples are usually much larger, and generally refer to entire buildings. But never mind. Spot digresses.

Joe Bodell, the proprietor of Minnesota Campaign Report, replies: Hey, it's unfair to blame all Muslims, or certainly all liberals, for that matter. And, of course, it is. But Joe, it is the sort of libel you must expect from drooling cretins like Il Duce and his ilk.

This is perhaps a good time, boys and girls, to remember the difference between natural law and positive law. Interestingly, it is the conservatives - especially the Christian conservatives - who most often posit that natural law, God's law, governs the affairs of mankind.

God's law, however, is an elusive concept, and it exists in many forms, depending on the beholder, or believer. Which God's law should we apply? Should we apply Sharia law, lopping off the odd limb or noggin here and there? Or perhaps we should apply the law of Moses and stone non-virgin brides on their fathers' doorsteps? Maybe we should obey the Catholic Church's condemnation of capital punishment?

It's a puzzle, isn't it, Spotty?

Indeed, grasshopper. It is why, in spite of Tommy Jefferson's regrettable rhetorical flourish in the Declaration of Independence (perhaps forgivable because it was addressed to a fellow who believed in the divine right of kings), the United States, and its foundation document, the Constitution, are thoroughly positive law institutions. We choose democratically the laws by which we are governed, according to a guiding set of principles, not by some theocratic hoo hah who claims to know the mind of God.

It is for precisely the same reason that we do not accept that: 1) women may be kept in involuntary servitude and raped when convenient, 2) gays and lesbians are "abominations," and 3) women do not have sovereignty over their own bodies and lack reproductive choice.

Jimmy Swaggert may have successfully pleaded that the devil made him do it, and it may have worked for his congregation, but claiming that the devil - or God - made you do it, or permitted you to do it, is of no moment in U.S. law. That's what a jury in Colorado concluded, too.

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