Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer for US Senate

This one comes as a bit of a surprise to Spot. Spot was vaguely aware of Jack Nelson Pallmeyer from his Fifth District candidacy a couple of years ago, but it didn't register much out here in Cakeville.

In November, Spot attended a DFL Senate candidate debate at Roosevelt High School. Spot went thinking he supported one of the Other Guys. As he approached the entrance to the school, Spot encountered a large group of candidate supporters, the most enthusiastic ones seemed to be holding JNP signs. Spotty told them he was just there for a parent-teacher conference, which seemed to deflate everybody a little, but not too much.

Anyway, Spot left the Roosevelt auditorium that night much less committed to one of the Other Guys. Now, you know, boys and girls, that two of the Other Guys (the ones still in the race besides Jack) are a prominent trial lawyer and a guy who used to do stand up and improv. But JNP blew them away. Spot liked his positions on the Iraq war and climate change especially.

After the debate session, Spot wanted to hear more from JNP, so Spot wrangled an invitation for him to Drinking Liberally. Well, that's not quite right: Spot invited him.

JNP's appearance at DL sealed the deal for Spot. Jack is a very thoughtful and articulate man. He doesn't ever seem to talk in mere sound bites, and when he was videotaped at DL, he talked and answered questions seamlessly for nearly an hour. That session got cut into more manageable YouTube-sized chunks and Spot posted some them here at the Cucking Stool. Perhaps some of you have seen them.

You'll hear more from Spot about JNP in coming days, boys and girls. In the meantime, here again are Jack's opening remarks at Drinking Liberally:

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