Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dumb as rocks, and that's a good thing

News from the Republican caucuses yesterday:

Three Republican legislators who voted with the DFL to override Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto and pass a $6.6 billion state transportation bill were denied the GOP endorsement for reelection at local caucuses Saturday. All three said they plan to run for reelection.

Guess where two of the three are from, boys and girls?

That's easy, Spot. They were Ron Erhardt and Neil Peterson. Right?

Correct, grasshopper: districts 41A and 41B out here in Cakeville and part of Bloomington (the prestigious western end). Erhardt has had opposition from the Christo-fascist nutjob Keith Downey for some time, but as far as Spot is aware, real opposition to the endorsement of Peterson only arose after Erhardt and Peterson voted with the DFL majority to override the governor's veto on the transportation bill.

Isn't it a little extreme to call Keith Downey a "Christo-fascist nut job," Spotty?

Well, maybe grasshopper, but here's what Ron Erhardt said of him:

Erhardt said Downey drew votes from "the Christian right with all their social issues, which I don't vote for.'' He said he will either enter the Republican primary against Downey or run as an independent.

Kind of a Michele Bachmann in wing tips, huh, Spotty?

That's a memorable way to put it, grasshopper.

Although the DFL's convention in the district is not until next weekend, likely candidates are Kevin Staunton in 41A and Paul Rosenthal in 41B. Rosenthal ran pretty well against Peterson in the last election; Staunton is a member of Edina's Planning Commission.

Yesterday's "deliberations" undoubtedly boost the chances of the DFL taking one or both of these long-time Republican seats.

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