Monday, March 17, 2008

Spot's book report

And now, for something entirely different.

Spot has written some about the Peak Oil phenomenon. Others have written more about the prospect of ever-dwindling oil supplies, increasing world-wide demand, and the prospect for resource wars.

It occurred to Spot that he should write a dystopian novel about life in the US in such a post-apocalyptic world. It turns out that somebody already did. James Kunstler, Spot's favorite Malthusian, wrote a book titled World Made by Hand, that is being released this week.

Spot got his paws on an advance copy several days ago.

Kunstler is also the author of The Long Emergency about the future of declining oil supplies. It is obvious that the author has been thinking about this for a long time. The book is a comprehensively-imagined story about a small upstate New York town after a series of wars, environmental catastrophes, disease contagion, and insurrections that are only hinted at, and not clearly understood, or even known about, by the residents of the town.

In addition to imaging a world without oil, or very much of it anyway, World Made by Hand is the story of the social disintegration and what Spot might call neo-tribalism that might result.


Update: James Kunstler will be in the Twin Cities are part of a book tour, sometime in April, Spot thinks.

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