Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drinking Liberally: Hair of the Dog

This coming Thursday night, the first of January, Drinking Liberally will meet at its usual place, the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis, from six to nine or so for a Hair of the Dog edition of DL.

There will be football on the big screen early and a DJ later in the evening. For those of you who celebrated a little too much the previous evening, Bloody Marys and perhaps some other soothing drinks will be for sale.

Drinking Liberally has also announced a competition to name the unofficial Official Drink of the Obama Administration. Perhaps we'll have a chance to do a little "drink engineering."

And mark your calendars for DL next week, January 8th too, boys and girls. John Lesch, a Minnesota House member from St. Paul, will be a guest at Drinking Liberally to talk about the upcoming legislative session. It promises to be a doozy! The session will probably be exciting, too.

Update: Well, ixnay on the ootballfay probably.

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