Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it news or propaganda?

The Franken campaign's new YouTube video about uncounted absentee ballots has generated some buzz. The Coleman people just say it's a new low. Here's the video:

Jay Weiner at has a post up about the video, too. The caption for the video there is:

Franken video: News or propaganda? You be the judge

Spot doesn't think the Franken people produced the video as "news," although it is "newsworthy." It certainly isn't "news" in the sense of giving the Flat Earthers equal time the way some "news" outlets seem to think is necessary, even when there really isn't another "side." What's Al supposed to do Jay, invite a spokesman for Coleman on the video to call these voters liars?

"Propaganda" is a pejorative term, certainly so in common parlance. So those are our choices? Sorry; Spot chooses "neither of the above," because Weiner's words are not well-chosen.

Spot says it is a well-done advocacy piece. It makes the equal protection argument very well. And you will note that the Coleman campaign does not contest the facts as described by the participants in the video.

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