Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's not nice to mock equal protection

Or due process for that matter. Especially when you've pledged to uphold them.

But, where were we? Oh, yes. Today, Katie tells an hysterical (funny hysterical? you decide, boys and girls) little story about the Senate recount dragging out until 2015! Spot will give Katie credit for her brave attempt at satire, but the story starts out with a premise too rotten for even the most opinionated of columnists at reputable newspapers:

Coleman appeared to hold a decided advantage in the contest after he won the actual vote count in 2008. But as the dispute dragged on, the events following Election Day proved largely irrelevant -- minor skirmishes leading up to the legal, political and public relations battle that was to follow.

Spot, do you think Katie meant "the events of election day," not "following?"

Well, grasshopper, Spot won't presume to know what Katie was actually thinking, but you could make a case that it parses better your way.

In any event, Katie's column is simply part of the right wing's attempt to establish the meme that Norm Coleman won on election day and that the recount is not legitimate.

This is, of course, baloney. The Lege, which wrote the statute, recognized that when votes are as close as this one, recounts are required to be sure that the final count is as accurate as possible.

But Katie and the Bund don't want to abide what may turn out to be the voters' actual judgment on election day. It's why Fritz (one letter short of a palindrome) Knaak has already declared victory several times.

But don't be fooled, boys and girls; we aren't simply auditing the election day tally. We're starting over.

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