Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bill Green addresses Jason Lewis

Well, not a direct riposte, but he surely addresses the foundation of Lewis' scrabbling; more on Dr. Green in a moment.

In his bi-weekly column in the Strib on June 12th, Lewis writes about the Affordable Care Act, but he calls it, as all conservatives do, Obamacare; he tells us that it is ensnared in the courts and cites two U.S. District Court opinions finding it, or parts of it, unconstitutional.

Lewis doesn't mention that other district courts have found the act to be constitutional; the Affordable Care Act is undoubtedly headed for a showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court. But before counting it out, go to this video, fast forward to about the 7:45 mark and listen to Law Professor Jessica Mason Pieklo of the Hamline Law School.

But back to Professor Green. In an interview he gave for the Standing on the Brink of Insurrection and Treason videos I did before the election, Professor Green make some comments that are as applicable to the Affordable Care Act as they are to the efforts of South Carolina to nullify a federal tariff law in 1832.

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