Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your shutdown roundup for June 13th

* The Star Tribune had a great writeup about the far-reaching effects of a shutdown. I recommend it for the quality of the information, but also couldn't help but notice the conclusion:
"We're still hoping they [leaders] can come to some agreement," said Beth Kleinboehl, an administrator for Sen. David Senjem, R-Rochester. "They're still meeting, so that has to be considered progress."
Yes, that Beth Kleinboehl. She must have the "one special session" option in the betting pool.

* Over 40,000 state workers have received (or soon will receive) layoff notices.

* The ad wars are heating up. There are ads supporting Governor Dayton from Alliance for a Better Minnesota and a coalition of unions (AFSCME, MAPE, IFO, and MMA). These ad buys total $1 million and include specific targeting of legislators. Rep. Doug Wardlow shrugs; "who pays attention to TV ads anyway?" Perhaps someone with the GOP media staff can explain it to him.

* Well, maybe Rep. Wardlow could give some of the folks generating ads on the right a call to ask them. Minnesota Business Partnership says they'll run ads starting next week. Minnesota Majority is apparently parking the soup truck and holding a fundraising competition for their ads. As of Sunday evening, they claimed around $5700 in donations. The one I find most amusing features cigar-smoking union bosses taking your hard-earned money to line their pockets. Here's a screen shot...there's a resemblance here, I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe you can help.

* Sen. Barb Goodwin (DFL - Columbia Heights) says the GOP budget will cost 80,000 jobs and that 140,000 will lose health care. Meanwhile, the Senate Ethics Subcommittee looks into Sen. Gretchen Hoffman's (R - Vergas) tweet stating that Goodwin called folks with mental disabilities "idiots and imbeciles" during a floor debate. The hearing is at 1:30 in Capitol Room 107. Goodwin will hold a press conference in Capitol Room 125 immediately following the conclusion of the meeting.

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