Friday, June 03, 2011

Sarah Palin: intelligence extractor

We are all a little dumber because of this:
During a visit this week to Boston, [Sarah Palin] recounted a twisted take on Paul Revere’s historic ride. In a nearly incoherent stream of phrases full of folksy dropped “g’s” (ringin’ those bells, warnin’ shots), Palin appears to have said that Revere warned the British, when in fact he warned Americans about the British. 
With the dropped g’s and the history flub, Palin is such a caricature of herself that it’s hard to tell if this now-viral video is a Saturday Night Live skit or the real thing. 
But  gauging by the excited people around her — none of whom went “huh?” at the Revere reversal — she’s lost none of her star power. That should concern the Minnesota Republicans who also harbor presidential ambitions.
Editorial writer Jill Burcum also said that Michele Bachmann was sometimes unfairly derided as "Palin Lite." It is unfair; they are two pea brains in a pod.

Observation about diminishing America's intellect from Roger Ebert.

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