Sunday, June 19, 2011

Consider David Hann

Although heaven knows why we should; he doesn't consider anybody else. You can read about the archbishop's letter and Hann's response referred to in the tweet in Two Putt's Tommy's post.
The Spawn of Paulsen asks a question with a faulty premise, a premise so puerile, so egotistical and narcissistic, that Hann really doesn't deserve an answer.

The premise? That people earn their wealth all by themselves.

But we'll let Warren Buffet (who has a much better claim to having earned his money than, say, the Koch brothers, who got it the old fashioned way: they inherited it) respond:
I personally think that society is responsible for a very significant percentage of what I've earned.
 There is a report at the link exploding the myth of the self-made man.

David Hann is a moral midget.

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