Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hobbit King bids Tim Pawlenty "Au Revoir"

A saddened Mitch Berg pens an affectionate goodbye note to the humiliated Tim Pawlenty, who recently faded in the face of 4,800 Tea Party Republicans in Iowa.

Tim's a good man, sighs Mitch, but just not what the current crop of Republicans wants. And how. About half-way through this video, watch Mitch describing Tea Party membership. Mitch often speaks at Tea Party rallies, as does Michele Bachmann, who phones it in. Pawlenty has never made an appearance, as far as I know.

John McCain recently called the Tea Party members in Congress "hobbits." If they are the hobbits, Mitch is the local Hobbit King. I didn't know that Hobbit Kings shed crocodile tears, but apparently they do.

Tim Pawlenty should have figured out after working for John McCain's campaign for a couple of years and then being dumped for Sarah Palin that he needed a heap 'o crazy to have a chance. Timmy just didn't have it in him.

The graphic is by Avidor, more or less of course.

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