Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Personal Gay Roaster (tm)

Peter and Michele
His name is Peter Waldron. (And all this time you thought it was Bradlee Dean!) As it turns out, it's Waldron, a campaign staffer for Bachmann. Here's Minnesota Progressive Project's Big E, where I first read about it, to tell you a little more about him:
Yesterday, I noted that Michele Bachmann's Iowa staffer Peter Waldron was arrested for terrorism in Uganda in 2006. His other ties to Uganda revolve around Uganda's bill to execute homosexuals. American far right, christian extremists helped craft and push through the bill. 
Waldron has close ties to Bishop Martin Ssempa who was a prominent activist for the bill.
 Waldron is "instrumental" in Bachmann's faith outreach, according to an interview with Politico.

And surprise, surprise, surprise, he's a christian dominionist, just like Michele! I mean, really, what are the chances of that? Excellent, of course.

There are reports that Michele is trying to broaden her appeal, after winning over the fringe of the fringe in Iowa. Waldron seems like just the guy to do it.

The composite photo is on the MPP site; the original of Waldron is in the linked Think Progress post.

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