Thursday, August 18, 2011

Junkyard Prophet Band's holiday album

It's back on the shelves! Get yours today!

I did a parody video of Bradlee Dean's band last holiday season. Bradlee and Jake complained to YouTube, where the original was posted, because I used the briefest of clips of the band's "music" at the beginning and end of the video. It was clearly fair use, especially in a parody. Nevertheless, YouTube took it down. I have re-edited the video, substituting some equally insipid royalty-free metal music; actually, it's better. Although it isn't exactly the holiday season - that starts right after Labor Day - I thought I would post it now that it's done.

The episode with YouTube proved a couple of things: Bradlee's got really thin skin, and that there is peril in living in the Google monoculture.

I am waiting for the complaint that Avidor's sketch of Bradlee from the state fair last year is a theft of Bradlee's soul. That's Avidor's sketch of Jesus at Denny's, too, from a post here about the English-only controversy Lino Lakes.

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