Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The presidency of Michele Bachmann

It's a cartoon, but that goes without saying. You must go to City Pages to see the whole thing, but here's one panel, just for a taste.
While I have a moment and I have the attention of at least some of you, I have an observation about the Bachmann Newsweek cover kerfuffle. Jill Burcum at the Strib huffs and puffs about it in a op-ed that went online Monday afternoon.

Let's be direct: the cover not an especially flattering picture of Bachmann.

But neither is this one:
Go ahead and blow it up a little; you'll see the same glittering eyes as in the Newsweek cover.

Here's a more recent picture of Michele Bachmann from the campaign trail in New Hampshire, I think. Blow it up, too, and tell me what you think.
No one who is criticizing the Newsweek cover ever seems to explain - at least that I've read - how exactly the photo was manipulated to make Bachmann look bad. Maybe someone has; I'd appreciate a link to it.

Michele Bachmann has hired the best cosmetic illusionists that money can buy, but hey, people, they aren't miracle workers. It just seems that flaws in Bachmann's appearance are so grave because, well, she is not.

I am at this late date unable to identify the photographer of the last photograph.

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