Saturday, November 26, 2005

Crying in the Wilderness . . .

Remember Intellectual Takeout, the website for conservative college students? Well, Spot had forgotten about it until he reminded himself in a recent post. N.B. If one reminds oneself about something, was it truly forgotten? Think about it.

Intellectual Takeout, run by the Center of the American Experiment, a winger tank, is dedicated to helping conservative students weather the vicissitudes of life in that den of liberalism, the modern college campus. It offers talking points on a variety of hot-button social issues, including some that used to be matters of scientific inquiry! Spot has written about Intellectual Takeout before, here, here, and here.

There is one section of Intellectual Takeout that does intrigue Spot. It is called Ask the Professor. Readers are invited to submit questions on things like cultural studies, economics, education, "foundations of liberty," history and political science. Intellectual Takeout was launched in September with great fanfare. Well, CAE crowed about it anyway. How many questions has the Professor been burdened with these past three months?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Spot says check it out yourself.

Spotty also says let's wake up the Professor with questions. If you write to the Professor, especially those of you with an edu domain email, please send a copy of your question to Spotty. There must be something you are dying to know about one of these issues.


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