Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Racing or ambling?

Spot has always heard that editors who write headlines are an ironic bunch. Take today (November 23rd) for example. In the print edition of the Strib, on page A1, above the fold, reads this headline: U.S. racing the clock to find alternate fuels. Spot would have written US energy policy ambles into oblivion. Because that's where we're headed, boys and girls.

Mark Dayton has it right in the article:
"We have done very little really, as a country, to promote the development and marketing of energy alternatives," said Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., a former state energy and economic development commissioner. "We've given lip service to them."

Calling US efforts "lip service" is actually being charitable. Remember when Trent Lott, then making his cameo appearance at Majority Leader in the Senate, held a press conference specifically to ridicule efficient cars when the Republicans killed efforts to increase the CAFE standards? Remember when Dick Cheney took time off from barbecuing Muslims to say that conservation was "personal virtue?" Remember when Sen. Grassley from Iowa recently said that when he turned on a light switch he expected the light to go on, and that he expected the car to start when he turned the ignition? Suggesting that was somehow his American birthright?

Spotty remembers, and he is just a dog.

Whoops! Spotty did forget something! Remember when the CAE's website for college students, Intellectual Takeout, criticized St. Olaf for adopting sustainability as a freshman theme?

According the the article, Congress and our Dear Leader are finally beginnng to recognize that we have a problem. So far, they are just spitting into the wind. We're into Jared Diamond's Collapse territory here.

Spot has recommended that gleeful Mathusian, James Kunstler, before. He is the author of a book on "peak oil," and he writes a great blog, too.

So have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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