Friday, November 04, 2005

Oh, please Mr. Tice!

That's Doug Tice, not Mike. Doug Tice is Katie's boss at the Strib. And what Katie wanted was an extra column this week, because there was something she had to get off her chest, or she would, like, explode! What was troubling our favorite communis rixatrix so much?

Katie has an absolute conniption over the fact that high school students attended the anti-war rally at the University of Minnesota on November 2nd. Why, the nerve of those kids! Young people are not supposed to think! They are supposed to sit submissively in class and absorb important information like the names of all the English kings in order since 1066, and all the counties in Minnesota! Participating in democracy! This will never do!

The other things that Spot might have written about this column were written funnier by Smartie in a post at the Power Liberal. It is especially recommended for Star Trek fans.

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