Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What is the plural of doofus?

Doofi. Spot thinks so anyway. One of the doofi at Power Line, Johnny Rocketseed (name used under license from Clever Peasantry) says this today:
November 30, 2005
President Outlines Strategy On Iraq

This morning, the White House released a document outlining the administration's strategy for victory in Iraq; it is accessible here. From a quick review, it looks good, although I doubt that anything in it will be new to those who have been paying attention.

At this moment, President Bush is delivering a speech on Iraq, its centrality to the war on terror, and the administration's strategy for victory, at the Naval Academy.

I'll have further comment when I've had time to read the White House report.
Posted by John at 09:05 AM

It looks good
. All of Spot's readers know what a great military strategist Johnny Rocketseed is. Spot feels much better now. Johnny says we can all sleep securely.

Spot says it looks good is damnation with faint praise. Especially when you consider the fruits and sweets that Johnny Rocketseed usually delivers up for George.

For a rather darker, and Spot suspects more realistic, take on George's rumble in the sand, Spotty recommends Martin van Creveld's opinion piece in the Forward. Martin van Creveld is a professor of military history at the Hebrew University.

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