Sunday, February 18, 2007

Charlie: Cease and Desist!

It has come to Spot's attention that at approximately 6:50 PM yesterday, Saturday, February 17, 2007, that you Charlie, the proprietor of Across the Great Divide, did knowingly adopt Weekend Ends And Odds as the title of a post. You are no doubt aware of Spot's post Weekend Odds 'n Ends™, which was posted fully 3 hours and 15 minutes prior to your post.

This is a transparent and unlawful attempt to appropriate the valuable intellectual property of The Cucking Stool™ and the goodwill of The Cucking Stool™, such as it is, associated therewith. This confusingly similar title creates a likelihood of confusion in the minds of readers as to the source of the Weekend Ends and Odds post, an offense that when done intentionally is known as "palming off." By adopting this title, you and Across the Great Divide are competing unfairly with The Cucking Stool™.

You are instructed to cease and desist immediately from using Weekend Ends and Odds as the title for a post. You are further instructed to change the title of Weekend Ends and Odds, refraining from using the words "ends" and "odds" alone or in combination with each other or with any other words, especially if they have anything to do with the weekend: "Saturday" or "Sunday" for example. You must also email every reader of your blog since 6:50 PM Saturday night, inform them of the error, and direct them to delete any cached copies of Weekend Ends and Odds. Finally, you must deliver up the keyboard used to compose Weekend Ends and Odds to Spot for destruction.

Failure to follow these instructions will no doubt result in a string of increasingly threatening yet tedious emails leading perhaps to Spot baying at the moon.

Note to anyone who is a new reader: this post is just a little riff on the subjects raised by Spot in Lawyer Jennifer gets testy! and More lawyerly bluster!

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