Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jimbo replies!

No sooner had Spot asked Jim Ramstad what he was going to do on the Iraq resolution, than the Congressman took the floor of the House and delivered a passionate denunciation of the Administration's policy in Iraq. Boy, when Jimbo gets steamed, look out!

Oh c'mon Spot, he was downright sheepish about supporting the resolution objecting to the escalation:
Some of the 11 Republicans who publicly broke with Bush were longtime
opponents of the war, such as Reps. Walter Jones of North Carolina and
Ron Paul of Texas. But others, such as Rep. Jim Ramstad of Minnesota,
had never sought the limelight and were almost apologetic in their
But don't you see grasshopper, Ramstad has really ratcheted up the rhetoric. In his January 11th statement on his website about the escalation, linked in Spot's earlier post, Jimbo said he was "disappointed" by the escalation. Yesterday, in his speech on the floor, linked above, he said that he was both "surprised" and "disappointed." He doubled the words of disapproval. Boy, Spot doesn't ever want to be the object of Jimbo's righteous wrath!

He's in for it now with Michele.

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