Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh Brien, how could you?

Spot's not talking about your retirement as the Vice-Chair and Minister of (dis) Information at the Senate 41 GOP. Spot is okay with that. Really.

What Spot has trouble figuring out how even you could have the chutzpa to republish a 2002 article from CO2 Magazine in the February 2007 Senate District 41 Voice. An article entitled The Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age: Their Untimely Demise and Welcome Resurrection, by Sherwood Idso and Keith Idso. You can follow the link and read the article yourselves, boys and girls, but Spot will save you some time.

The Idsos (Idsi?) are trying to tell us that global warming is just part of a millennium-long oscillation in the climate! No need to worry! Just keep your Hummer gassed up and ready to go! You see: the last of these two warm and cold periods tell us so much about the current tizzy over global warming. We've seen this all before!

Uh, Brien, do you know the population of the whole earth in the year 1000 AD? You don't? According to sources, it was about 310 million. Now, there are over six and half billion souls on spaceship earth. There sure weren't nearly as many cars and smokestack industries in 1000 either, were there Brien? Spot doesn't suppose that it has occurred to you, Brien, that we have changed some important variables just a teensy bit? Didn't think so.

Of course, the legitimate (more about that in a moment) scientific community is certain that the global warming we are now experiencing is man made.

So who are the Idsos, anyway? Spot was shocked—positively shocked—to learn that Sherwood Idso and his son Keith Idso, along with another brother Craig Idso, are part of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, a group that is connected to the Greening Earth Society, which is in turn funded by the Western Fuels Association. You probably won't be surprised to learn, boys and girls, that the Western Fuels Association is a trade association of fossil fuel producers. According to the Greening Earth Society, green house gases are good; we'll all benefit from a warmer planet.

In other words, the flying Idsi are a trinity of biostitutes. You know, Brien, even you and your Republican buddies are not going to be able to maintain the myth of the never-ending oil fiesta for long. You're much too old to believe in Santa.

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