Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What are you gonna do, Jimbo?

There will be a vote later this week on the US House—nonbinding—resolution to express disapproval of President Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq. Spot is aware that Kline and Walz have spoken on the House floor respecting the resolution. John Kline, of course, is opposed. Walz spoke eloquently in favor of the resolution, saying:

"Many of these soldiers are kids that I taught in my high school classroom and coached on our school football team," he said. "They joined my Guard unit and I trained them. We deployed together in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and now they are deployed again to Iraq."

Now we come to the curious case of the Minnesota Third District's Jim Ramstad. Ramstad's been a supporter of the war for which he suffered the derision of his constituents at "town hall meetings" as the war has dragged on. Ramstad cast a vote in favor of the Military Commission Act of 2006.

But even Ramstad has had misgivings. He issued a statement expressing "disappointment" over the President's decision to escalate. "Disappointment" in a politician is so touching. Not to mention meaningless. Spot doesn't care about your angst, Jimbo, he cares how you vote. Your early votes in this session showed that your heart is not entirely calcified, Congressman. Spot challenges you to vote for the resolution. Join Tim Walz, not John Kline.

The only downside that Spot sees is the potential for another confrontation with Michele Bachmann!

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