Monday, February 19, 2007

The insufflation of Katie

Boys and girls, if Michael Brodkorb, proprietor of Minnesota Democrats Exposed, posts with the title "Freedom to Poop," what is it? Freudian? Ironic? Or eponymous?

That's a hard one, Spotty. Can you give us a hint?

Sure, grasshopper. Spot actually forgot to put in the best answer: all of the above.

Of course, Katie gets insufflated with the whole Brodkorbian meme and sends her readers over there today. Which prompted MNObserver, who occasionally—very occasionally, Spotty has to say—posts over here to point out what a bunch of boorish, graceless turds Katie and her ilk really are. (At Norwegianity)

Spotty, "insufflated" is an Ecclesiastical term isn't it?

Well it can be grasshopper. Spot was actually thinking of the definition that refers to blowing vapor or smoke into a body cavity, however.

Update: Go read Tild, boys and girls.

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