Thursday, September 27, 2007

Colorado Katie & the Norwegian Kid

Spotty, you can sure tell that Katie spent some time on a dude ranch recently.

Oh, how, grasshopper?

Well, remember on Monday how she wrote about her reunion with her college, er, chums on a Colorado ranch?

Yes, so she told us that she had been on a ranch.

Gosh, you're right, Spotty! But that isn't what I meant. What I meant was her column today. It is full of ghost towns, tumble weeds, and this:

Why is the moderate Republican ghost town emptying out? The mythmakers claim it has a sheriff -- a mean, low-down hombre with a glint of religious zealotry in his eye.

He and his posse threaten to string up any candidate with a streak of independence if he doesn't clear out of town.

I wonder if she is still wearing that ridiculous fake cowboy hat in the newsroom?

Probably. Katie's offering today was about her claim that the Republican party has more moderates that the Democratic party. And just as Gump predicted at Suddenly South, the column contained some pearl clutching over the ad criticizing General Petraeus.

Rather than waste any more of what promises to be a really nice day, Spot is just going to send you over to Norwegianity to see what the Wege has written about Katie's column today.

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