Thursday, September 13, 2007

Faux News

I don't get cable so I had to sift through the local channels for Bush's speech. (Side note: How much does TV suck?!) All of the networks ran a description of the speech as something like "President's Speech to the Nation". Except one. Fox News ran "Iraq: Moving Forward." Are you kidding me? They were also the only network to not air the Democratic response.

Can we stop pretending that Petraeus is anything but a Republican partisan (and an unprofessional one at that)? We have months and months of build up for the report; he gets to the Hill sans a written report; finally agreeing with everything that Bush has been saying for the last 6 months. Bush then goes on TV and says that the "new course" in Iraq will be based on Petraeus' recommendations (which, as mentioned before, are no different from anything that he has been saying for the past 6 months; not to mention the fact that they are not based on conditions on the ground or have any known methodology.)

Best news gleaned from the speech: Petraeus will be back with yet another report in March. That's 6 months from now for those of you unfamiliar with Friedman Units.

We deserve this. We really do.

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