Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here's a lawyer Katie probably likes

You will recall, boys and girls, that Katie penned—or penciled or crayoned, as the case may be—a column criticizing lawyers who were preparing to represent protesters at the 2008 RNC, which Spot responded to with Pro bono publico. Yesterday, she wrote critically about lawyers who represented some of the victims of the bridge collapse and who wanted the opportunity to have their own experts examine the scene. It seems that lawyers everywhere are trying to do things that Katie finds objectionable!

Well, Spot has some good news for you, Katie! Here's a lawyer of whom you undoubtedly approve:

When I [Karl Bremer, the author of the post] filed a Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint against Michele Bachmann in September 2005, I never expected to be the subject of lies and character assassination by Tom DeLay’s leading attack-dog lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II.

My complaint alleged that a solicitation for support for Bachmann was sent out by the anti-public-education nonprofit group EdWatch in violation of FEC rules. A similar complaint was registered with the IRS.

The FEC determined the complaint merited a full investigation. However, following the FEC investigation, my complaint was not upheld. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I discovered the extent to which Bachmann and her hired gun went to smear me in their response to the FEC—including filing false statements.

But first a little background on the lawyer for the Bachmann for Congress campaign.

Donald F. McGahn II has made a name for himself as a campaign lawyer for former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay, who himself was indicted for his alleged role in a campaign finance scheme. He’s also served as campaign finance lawyer for DeLay’s scandal-ridden ARMPAC.

Yesiree! Nothing but the best for MIchele Bachmann. Chin up, Katie, they're not all bad.

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