Wednesday, September 05, 2007

May Spot have your attention, please!

Two announcements:

First, Spot is going away for about a week and a half, leaving Sunday. There are things to prepare before going, so expect light posting from Spot for a while. While Spotty is gone, MNObserver will be writing here from time to time.

Second, although he is not on the marquee yet, Gump from Suddenly South has also agreed to be a guest poster at the Cucking Stool. You will recall, boys and girls, that Gump won a Spotty™ not too long ago, and Spot also recently linked to Gump's post about Mitt Romney and the Mormons. The intersection of politics and religion is a particular focus of Gump's, one of Spot's interests, too. Spot and MNObserver are glad to have him.

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