Thursday, April 02, 2009

Drinking Liberally tonight!

We invited all four of the candidates for the DFL endorsement in the Minneapolis Ward 1 contest to tonight’s meeting. Susan Howitz Hanna and Kevin Reich had other commitments and sent their regrets. Doron Clark and Jose Velez will each come for at least part of the evening. We’ll have just an informal “meet and greet.”

The endorsing convention is Saturday. Given the blood letting that is likely to occur in the City of Minneapolis budget, there will be lots of interesting questions to ask of the candidates.

Regular time: six to nine or so; regular place: 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis.

Update: For the uninitiated, the 331 Club is in Ward 1.

Further update: Well, Spot unimpeachable source on the location of the 331 Club is peachable; the DL watering hole in in the Third Ward.

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