Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maybe he was at a different rally

Or just wasn’t looking, Spotty!

Here’s the lede in an op-ed by Jeff Johnson in the Strib today:

I've found it entertaining to watch the media and those of a liberal political bent (sorry if I'm being redundant) paint the Tea Parties that took place recently around the country as an amalgamation of seething right-wing kooks carrying "I my AK-47" signs.

I was at the Tea Party in St. Paul. I apparently hung out at the wrong end of the Capital [sic] grounds, though, because I missed all of those angry, extremist, Obama-haters who I'm told were there.

Johnson is a Hennepin County Commissioner.

Well, just for Commissioner Johnson, here’s a slideshow of a few of the signs on display at the rally.

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