Thursday, April 09, 2009

What to do? What to do?

baited beck Driftglass has a terrific post this morning about what to do about Michele Bachmann. Well, conservatives in general, really. It has a charming photoshop, a small piece of which is reproduced here.

Ol’ Drifty muses about possible responses to the increasingly festered Bund (Spot’s term); here are a few:

Appeals to the good of the country? Republicans don't give a shit about this country. They give a shit about their country: The Caucasian Free State Of Jesusland. And to whatever extent the actual America and its actual constitution and history and plurality and complexity frustrates and impedes the implementation of the New Confederacy of their dreams, that is the extent to which they will always despise the real America.

Appeals to the good of their fellow human beings? These are people who use the "Axe Essence" cologne inserts that fell out of their "Bazookas, Bunkers & Beyond" magazine to lube up when they masturbate to Sean Hannity reading the Cliff's Notes of "Atlas Shrugged". No, no joy there.

They will never change. Never.

We must pause for a moment here, boys and girls, for Spot to be self-reverential.

Don’t you mean self-referential, Spotty?

Well, maybe. Anyway, here is a question and response in comments to one of Spot’s earlier posts:

"Spotty, help me understand - how could rightwing gun nuts, who can recite the 2nd Amendment (as explained by El Druggo) by heart, be so unconcerned at Gonzo testifying "There is no expressed grant of habeas in the Constitution." "

Spot thinks, TwoPutt, that it is because it is harder to masturbate to an image of habeas corpus.

michele_bachmann_a_la_delacroixian_liberte Let’s see, where were we? Driftglass, like much of the country, is warming up to the charms of local gal Michele Bachmann. One of his links indentifying the nature of movement conservatism was this one from City Pages. In it, Michele makes the argument that AmeriCorps could morph into “re-education camps.”

It is nice to see that Bachmann is becoming identified as an avatar for the movement. But some of us knew her before she got so famous.

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