Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NBBooks visits Drinking Liberally!

stylized 331 Club - DL This Thursday, the 23rd, we’re planning to host Tony Wikrent, also known as NBBooks, at DL. Tony is a well-know diarist at Daily Kos; he is best known, at least recently, for defending the comments of William A. Black, a guest on Bill Moyers’ Journal. Some of you will recall that Black claimed on Moyers’ show that it is the Obama administration’s legal duty to put some of the biggest and ailing banks in to receivership. His criticism of the new Democratic president didn’t sit well with a lot of members of the liberal blogosphere.

We’re hoping Tony will arrive – from Chicago – around seven for a few remarks and then a meet and greet. Tony speaks and writes a lot about the history of industrialization and the economic ruin brought about by the financial sector.

Then next week, on the 30th, we’re planning to have Nick Coleman – fresh from another win as Best Columnist in City Pages’ annual Best Of feature – for a meet and greet.

These should both be great events; hope to see you there.

Update: Link to NBBooks fixed; sorry.

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